Visiting Wineries - Important Things to Know

These are guidelines from a coalition of wineries called Wine Road 290. All tour companies who visit these wineries must sign an agreement in order to be allowed to bring tours to these wineries. Although we did not author these rules, we certainly agree with them. The rules go as follows:

Our goal, and the goal of the wineries, is to provide you fun and safe winery visits.

Probably the best overall rule is to imagine if you were a winery owner or server, how you would like your guests to behave at your place.  In some cases, they are inviting you to their home.

  • Absolutely NO alcoholic beverages are allowed at wineries OTHER THAN wine from that winery.  This is a legal requirement that applies to “bonded facilities” (wineries) and our entire group will be expelled if just one person violates this rule, so please comply.

  • Public intoxication is a crime, regardless if you have a designated driver or are in a limo/bus/shuttle.  It is unlawful to serve or sell alcohol to an intoxicated person. Winery servers cannot serve anyone they suspect is over or near the “legal limit” of alcohol.  It is a judgment call and winery management will support their TABC trained employees, and if you are advised  you cannot be served please do not argue and just step away.  Additionally, wineries, by law, will excuse the entire group if ONE person is considered “over the limit” of alcohol.  

  • Winery servers may also ask for ID’s to confirm you are over 21.  Sometimes, you may be asked more than once if you purchase a tasting at the register and taste at a different tasting area.

  • Only employees are allowed to handle open bottles at the tasting bars.  Please do not reach for a bottle to pour yourself.

  • Please respect your fellow patrons in the tasting rooms.  Disorderly, loud groups are a distraction to fellow guests trying to enjoy their winery experience.   Please be aware and considerate.

  • Saturdays and Holidays are busy days at the wineries.  Staff members are striving to serve everyone equally and ensure everyone had a good experience.  We appreciate your patience as you might experience a wait in line or for an accessible place at the serving area.